50th Reunion

Welcome to your custom-designed 50th Reunion Web Site. Technology has changed so much from Royal manual typewriters used in the Sixties that your reunion committee elected to hire a tech-savvy high school senior to format this communication. Our hope is that you will respond to our request and sit down and write up one of your favorite memories, or share the highlights of your personal life story, or just reflect in bold face type what you hold dearest about dear old Wake Forest.

We don’t have much time — so sit down with your laptop or tablet today and send it to my email address: wpritchard@sc.rr.com (or mail to me at 3 Lakeside Trail, Myrtle Beach SC 29577). I will send it promptly to tech support, and your thoughts and observations will be posted for all to see within a day or two. The deadline is NOW, or as soon as you can get your thoughts together and send it in. We’ll update it as new postings are received.

Being co-chairman with Ken Moser of your 50th Reunion Committee has given me the opportunity to talk to lots of you about lots of things — including what we remember about our first Homecoming, where we were when we learned about President Kennedy’s assassination, which classmates we have stayed in touch with for the last 50 years.

Those kind of memories and conversations will continue Reunion Weekend, particularly at our Friday night Class of 65 dinner and dance at Forsyth Country Club. We hope many of you will dress like you did in the early 60’s — madras shirtdresses or long sleeved button down shirts and Weejuns, or maybe a London Fog raincoat over shorty pajamas or your athletic letter sweater.
Of course it’s not required — we just want to exclaim over each other and rejoice that we’re all able to return to celebrate the way we were in 1965.

See you on campus!!! And at our own Homecoming Dance —it’s perfectly legal these days.

Lineta Craven Pritchard